EPL: Liverpool v Norwich City, 17.30BST, 22/10/11 (1-1)

Following the disappointment that we only got a point against Man Utd last time, was the aggravation at the same result against a Norwich side that we should have put away but for some poor work on goal and one or two fine saves.

We made some good chances but didn’t take them. Norwich for their part were making some half-chances, and whilst none greatly troubled Reina, there were too many for comfort.

A first half that we dominated without managing to score looked to have come to an end when, in added-on time, Bellamy found himself in front of goal with the keeper and a defender to beat, and although the ball deflected off the defender, it found the net to give us a 1-0 lead that the performance, if not the finishing to that point, deserved.

The second half continued in that sort of vein, but on the hour, a move broke down in midfield which saw the ball quickly played from midfield to wide-right. The cross from Pilkington was to the penalty spot, where Reina and two defenders went for it, but all were beaten to it by Grant Holt, whose header effectively found an unguarded net.

As we upped the pace at the end, looking for the winner, chances came, but including a terrific save from Norwich keeper Ruddy, from Suarez, the word that sums up our failure to win the match is profligacy.

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