Disappointment Against Spurs

It was not foreseen at all. An early deflected goal then a another dodgy, big Howard Webb decision gave Spurs their chance of a second, which was taken.

Give them credit; Spurs were solid at the back and they ran the midfield for long periods. Missing was the crisp passing and the wealth of chances that we had been creating almost for fun.

Why? Well, I think the conditions played a part. The skidding around did not suit the quick, quality passing that had been evident in our recent games, but it was more than that. Gone too was the ability to intercept. Spurs held the ball up well and we rarely took it off them.

Heavy expectations? Perhaps. Suarez was certainly petulent at times, and I didn’t care to see the other side of his game take over. It gave Spurs heart to see our players react as he did. Maxi did not cover himself with glory, either.

Carroll looked out of sorts, Suarez went missing for periods, and we failed to keep or obtain possession. Flanagan was just plain unlucky. Neither the penalty nor his booking warranted such.

Spurs defending? That has been an oxymoron over the years, but with King and Dawson, it was men against boys at times.

Whilst all is not lost, with Spurs needing to win against Birmingham to stay above us, and Birmingham needing points to avoid the drop, a visit to Aston Villa is a winnable game. Basically, if Spurs don’t win, any result better than theirs, pointwise, will suffice.

But as Spurs did against us after some bitterly disappointing results, some of our players will have to bounce back from poor performances.

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